Mini Storage Dauphin provides each customer and every storage unit with 24/7 security, safety and protection. Our state-of-the-art security systems and services include:

Personal Access Cards (PACs)

Personal Access Cards control right of access and entry to the facility. PAC access, however, only enables entry to the specific floor where a unit is located, allowing convenient admittance to individual customers, while ensuring greater security and protection across the premises.

Continuous Video Security Surveillance

A high-tech TV monitoring system covers all storage unit doors 24 hours a day, providing full coverage, security and supervision throughout the premises.

Real-time Service Communications

Easy-access intercoms are strategically located on every floor of the facility in the hallways near the elevators, allowing contact with our highly-trained personnel if and when needed.

Internal & External Lighting

Well lit hallways ensure safety and security within the facility. High intensity outdoor lighting provides additional protection and trespassing deterrence.

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