Mini Storage Dauphin offers clean and secure self-storage units for rental in a full range of sizes, to meet your specific personal or commercial storage needs. To help you organize your contents, for a small additional charge we can provide you with a self-storage unit equipped with clothing racks and/or metal shelves.

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8925 St-Laurent Blvd.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H2N 1M5


2707 Dollard Ave.
LaSalle, Quebec
Canada, H8N 2J8

Montreal is a bustling city with countless industries, including pharmaceuticals, aerospace, finance, and world affairs. As it is home to one of the country’s biggest ports, the city has become a leading destination for commerce and trading.

A city as lively as Montreal requires accessible and dependable storage facilities. We understand that, and that is why we are the leading storage facility in Montreal. Our knowledgeable staff, up-to-date security measures, and commitment to customer satisfaction will surpass all of your storage needs.

We offer storage units for commercial and personal use.

Personal storage units are the ultimate storage solutions, regardless if you are using it for commercial or personal use.

If you have a business, excess onsite inventory can get in the way of your sales. A storage unit can help you make room to display and sell your inventory, while keeping the rest safe until you need it. You can store everything from documents, inventory, and equipment in our easily accessible storage units. This is the perfect option for all sorts of businesses regardless of size, including start-ups and independent or self-employed professionals.

Storage units are just as convenient for personal use. If you have a lot of clutter taking up space, a storage unit offers a quick and easy solution. It is the perfect option if you want to store seasonal items, such as holiday decorations or winter clothing, but don’t have ample space in your own home. Likewise, storage units are a great option if you are a student and need to store your belongings over the summer, or are in the process of moving or remodelling.

We take security very seriously.

When you rent a storage unit with us, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure. We take a variety of precautions to ensure full protection and security 24/7. These include:

Personal Access Card (CAP)

We use Personal Access Cards to control all the entry points into our facility. It grants customers access only to the floor that their storage space is located on.

Constant Video Surveillance

Our impressive closed-circuit camera system keeps watch over all the doors within our storage facility, and is on 24/7.

Intercom Communication

We use intercom communication to allow our highly skilled staff to be in constant communication with each other. We have intercoms strategically placed on all floors of our facility, further ensuring maximum security.

Effective Interior and Exterior Lighting

Our entire storage facility is well lit throughout the interior, while high intensity outdoor lighting provides additional protection outdoors, ensuring we can effectively monitor the entire premises. We also utilise motion detector lighting.

We offer a variety of services and features to meet all of your needs.

We don’t stop at merely providing secure storage areas. We also have a variety of other services and features to meet all of your storage needs. This includes:

  • 24-hour convenient access
  • Advanced security system
  • Motion detector lighting
  • Wide selection of storage spaces in different sizes
  • Shelves and clothes holders available
  • Interior loading dock
  • Temperature and humidity control

We are committed to excellent customer service.

We are proud to offer unmatched quality service. Our dedication to meeting and surpassing your needs makes us the leading choice in self-storage solutions. We will strive to ensure your experience with us is top-notch. Furthermore, we offer two convenient and easily accessible locations, so you can find a storage facility that is close to you.

Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available to  further explain our services and give you an estimate, so you can have the ultimate self-storage experience.