Make Room for Your Holiday Visitors

Top 10 Strangest Things Found in Storage Units
Top 10 Strangest Things Found in Storage Units
June 1, 2017

Make Room for Your Holiday Visitors

Make Room For Visiting Relatives this Holiday Season

Christmas is just around the corner and although you may not be joining the hundreds of thousands of people traveling to see relatives this holiday season, you have the stress of making room for those family members visiting you. Perhaps you have a spare room that has become a dumping ground or maybe your children, who have all recently flown the nest, are returning for Christmas and their room is not exactly how they left it. Here at Mini Dauphin, we are the experts at de-cluttering. Here are some tips for making room for visiting family members this holiday season.

  1. Get rid of junk – that ugly office chair or pile of old winter coats is probably hidden in the spare room for a reason. Make some space by donating these to a local charity.
  2. Safe storage – if your spare room is less a bedroom and more a museum of treasures, store them at Mini Dauphin, Montreal’s most secure quality storage, with prices starting from just $59/month. You can access your unused items at any time with your own Personal Access Card. If you decide you finally want to hang up those family photos, you can pick them up anytime.
  3. Organize – once you have identified what is not going into storage, make sure your stuff is tidied away properly, not only to help you find your unused items in the future but also to create space for your guests’ clothes and luggage.
  4. Maximize space – buy a good sofa bed for your guest room or living room to create additional sleeping spaces without compromising on living space. By day, your visiting relatives will have a nice place to sit and relax and by night, a comfortable bed to get some much needed shut eye. If you have space consider bunk beds.
  5. Be flexible – with lots of extra people in the house, it is likely that things are going to get a little messy, your routine may be compromised and things may no go quite as planned. Be prepared to give up your own bedroom and offer to sleep on the airbed in the living room if that makes your guests more comfortable – you are the host after all!

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